Top 5 Video Gaming Headsets

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If you are buying the sunglasses at a marketplace, you can tell whether or not the sunglasses are fake Oakley's by examining the build quality. If the paintwork looks unfinished or odd looking plastic molds, it is almost guaranteed that they are fake. It is also worth noting that all headphones for the summer are made in the U.S.A.

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The Razer Carcharias heaset for gaming features a frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz, 32 Ohms and a microphone. For its price, you're not going to find a better sounding headset than this. Music sounds great in addition to gaming. It features a 180 degree microphone, and noise cancellation. The microphone is of exceptional quality. The ear pieces are each vertically adjustable so it will fit pretty much any size head. It also has the biggest ear pads of most earphones in its class. The black foam padding is also very comfortable around the ears and on the handle for the crown of the head if you're going to be using the headset for a few hours. Included on the audio cable for the Carcharias is a microphone on/off switch, volume controls, and a lapel clip to attach it to your shirt.

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Sennheiser Communications PC 350 Mega- this kind of head phone is large and can provide a Hi-Fi sound that can deliver full quality music. This is a very comfortable headset to use. You can make use of its functional microphone attached for gaming as well as for Skype. You may also mute it if super headphone you want.

If you have oblong face shape, you should choose large sunglasses to cover as much of the center of the face as possible to minimize the length. Because the face is similar to square in that it is just about the same width from top to bottom with the length being much greater than the width. If you have round face shape, the best choice is angular frames such as straight lines, square, triangular. Dark colors such as black or tortoise shell can also help you to play down the roundness of the face. If you have square face shape, it is wisdom to select curved or rounded sunglasses. If you have diamond face shape, rimless sunglasses must be the great decision. If you have a triangle or heart face shape, aviator sunglasses must work well with either of them.

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